Disclaimer - images shown on this page are examples of items we have modeled and rendered.  These are not items we have worked on with  other clients as we follow strict NDA policies.



When projects are not at the prototyping stage, we can create a realistic 3D rendering of the product. These renderings can be used to create surgical techniques, catalogs, or to provide a realistic example of the final product prior to production.  The images can also be beneficial for startup companies trying to get funding.



For concept reviews we offer 3D printing in house.  Prototypes are a cost-effective way to evaluate the integrity of the CAD design concept.   Read below for a few reasons we recommend having your parts 3D printed.

Quality - Making a product the best it can be before going to market is key to the success of that product.  The worst possible thing to happen when selling a product is to have it break or not work properly the first time your customer uses it.

Customer Satisfaction - While sharing a design via a 3D image or even a 3D rotatable model is nice, holding a 3D printed prototype in hand improves the customer's ability to evaluate the design.

ROI - Creating a 3D printed prototype is more cost effective than having a metal part machined.  3D printed prototypes can cost pennies on the dollar in comparison to metal parts.

User Interaction - 3D printing a working prototype allows a customer to feel how the part will work.  It allows the customer to see how the end user will feel holder or using the product.