Our Story

Jennifer has spent more than 19 years in product development. Her job titles have included drafter, designer, and supervisor, but her experience stretches much farther than the company titles she was given.
Jennifer developed a set of company specific training materials to teach Creo (formally Pro/Engineer) to newly hired designers and engineers. She has been called a “Creo guru” because she can quickly figure out solutions to complex CAD issues.
Designing medical devices in Medtronic’s R&D department gave Jennifer an understanding of the stages of the early development process. Jennifer also spent several years in the Customs and Specials department where she was involved in working with surgeons and sales representatives to create customer specific designs. Later into her career, Jennifer went back to college to earn an BA in Industrial Technology. This experience further increased her knowledge of the manufacturing process.
In early 2017, Jennifer decided to combine her educational experience, design talent, and her extensive knowledge of the industry to create Axiom Design Services, LLC, with the goal of providing comprehensive CAD design services to her customers.